No sweet without sweat… 


The Plateidhof is located at 550m above sealevel, overlooking a small village

called Lana.

We operate 7 ha fruit orchards, 30 ha forest and offer agrotorismus with

five holiday flats We only grow apples. Currently we have five different varieties,

Golden Delicious, Stark Delicious, Gala, Breburn and Mairac. For or own needs

and to make jam and other products, we also grow cherries, peaches, plums,

prunes, currants, blueberries and nuts. Countless chestnut trees adorn our

farmyard. The chestnut groves are kept clean and tidy by our miniature sheep.

Our forest gives us the warmth we need. A central wood heating with Firewood

for heating and hot water ensures your well-being.

The sun gives us the energy we need. The switch to renewable energy, photovoltaic

and solar panels was a matter of course for us.

We also own the Ackpfeiferhof, which is only 2Km away from the Plateidhof.

It has 5 holiday flats, 4 double rooms with buffet breakfast and a beautifully

situated swimming pool.

Outside South Tyrol we operate an appletree nursery..