the ashes of the past are the fertilizer for the future...


The Plateidhof in Völlan was first mentioned in 1266. It belonged to Mr Wernher

von Tablat and his brother. Also in 1266 the two brothers donated the farm

( "Curias") to Plateid ( "Blatide") with all its possessions to the abbey of the

monastery Weingarten in Baden Württemberg.

The Plateidhof- owned by the family Malleier since 1884. Alfreid Malleier which

was awarded with the medal of merit of the region of Tyrol on 15th of August 1991,

gave the Plateidhof shortly before his death in 1994 at the age of 60 years, to his

eldest son Michael.

Michael has always worked on the farm and has also attended the agricultural school.

In 1996 Michael Malleier married Anita Locher, who is originally from a village called

Burgstall and grew up in the hospitality industry. In the following years, Stefanie,

Markus and Simon Malleier were born. In 2000, the old fashioned farmhouse with

the already existing 4 holdiday flats was completely rebuilt, over a period of only

7 months. The stable gave way to a cold storage and a small car park for the guests.

In 2014, the attic got expanded and a 5th holiday flat got built.

As the years pass, our daughter Stefanie has successfully completed her language

and turism studies at a local college, she also spent a year abroad in the US.

Our sons, Markus and Simon attend the agricultural school. 


Our history doesn't end here...